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Best Games Similar to Black Desert Online

Best Games Similar to Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online video game is a action MMORPG game released in Korea on March 3rd, 2015 and received over a million pre-orders before launch. The game focuses on an open-world environment with non-linear gameplay. The game has been praised for its graphics and gameplay, but criticized for its lack of content and high learning curve.

Black Desert Online is a fantasy RPG game with a non-linear storyline and gameplay. The game is set in a sandbox world where players can explore the world on foot, horse, carriage, ship, or airship. Players can work on their own in the world or with friends to complete quests, trade, and share knowledge. There are a variety of "life skills" that a player can learn, such as cooking, fishing, and farming.

Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online is a massive, open-ended MMORPG with a rich, lore-based storyline. Players may choose to play as one of many different races and can choose to fight for one of three factions: the Aldmeri Dominion, the Daggerfall Covenant, or the Ebonheart Pact.


Skyforge is a 3D sci-fi fantasy MMORPG that takes place on the planet Aelion. The planet is under attack from a mysterious force known as the Architects. Players take the role of immortals who are tasked with protecting the planet from these invaders. They can also create their own custom living quarters, explore procedurally generated dungeons, fight against other players in the PvP zone, and more.

Bless Online

Bless Online is a MMORPG based on Norse mythology that offers a large world with numerous quests and activities to do. Players can create their own character, choosing from one of four races and five classes, and follow a personal storyline where their decisions have an impact on the world around them.

Blade and Soul

Blade and Soul is a free-to-play martial arts fantasy MMORPG where players explore a fantastical world and combat the evils that threaten peace and harmony. They can choose to play as one of six different classes, engage in intense PvP battles, or fight against the forces of darkness with up to 24 other players.


ArchAge is a free-to-play MMORPG set in a fantasy world of Erenor. Players may create their own character, choosing from one of four races and six classes, and select from a variety of different skills and abilities. There are over 40 crafting skills and more than 300 quests for players to explore.

24 Feb 2022